Equipping education, workforce and HR professionals to unlock access to better jobs

Skilling America is building a professional society for the development of a resilient, transparent system that supports economic opportunity for all individuals.

50% of American jobs will be transformed in the next decade. Can the current Education and Workforce systems keep pace with the rapidly changing world of work?

Skilling America will train professionals on tools, technology, data, and methods to help individuals with limited access to opportunity gain advancement and sustainable wages while navigating today’s turbulence. Through an e-learning platform, professionals will develop the necessary competencies to lead efforts and to follow practice through to success—whether for themselves, the individual they serve or their local community.
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For directions on how to enroll in a Skilling America course please reach out to us at contact@SkillingAmerica.org.

More information on Skilling America is available at HopeStreetGroup.org as well as on the homepage of this website, SkillingAmerica.org. We're also happy to connect with you at any time. Please reach out to contact@SkillingAmerica.org for more information.

A handful of organizations have firewalls that may have prevented Skilling America emails from reaching your inbox. If that is the case someone from our support team will be in touch, generally within 24 hours Monday through Friday, to let you know whether your account was confirmed or your certificate was issued. If you do not hear from a Skilling America representative within one business day, please reach out to us via email at contact@skillingamerica.org.

Typically any time you log out of Skilling America your progress will be automatically saved. Be sure to log back in and double check the progress "donut" icon on your profile to see if you've completed 100% of the course, including our end of course survey. If your profile shows as incomplete but you completed all aspects of the curriculum please, send us a message at contact@skillingamerica.org and our support team will investigate.

There are two easy options for viewing your certificate. 1. Visit SkillingAmerica.org and log in. Click on "Certificates" on the top of your page and you will automatically see any certificates you've earned over time along with a link to visit them on our third-party issuer's (Accredible) webpage. 2. Check your email archive for the original email you received from Skilling America with your certificate. There will be a link there to Accredible's page hosting your certificate. From Accredible's page you can print a PDF of your certificate, post it to your LinkedIn profile, and so much more. For more information on sharing your certificate and digital badge, we recommend visiting Accredible’s Credential View Tool Kit.

To share your certificate on LinkedIn visit SkillingAmerica.org, log in, and select "Certificates" from the top menu. You'll see your certificate posted with a button "View in Accredible". Click this button to visit the Accredible page. Once there you'll see an option on the left-hand menu called "Add to LinkedIn profile". Be careful! The "Share on LinkedIn" option will only create a post for your LinkedIn feed. To post the credential itself you'll want to use the "Add" option". You'll be given some information to copy/paste into your profile from there.

Skilling America would be thrilled to include your partners in our pilot and has already conducted outreach to several partner organizations. Please reach out to contact@skillingamerica.org so we can help you connect them to pilot opportunities.

The Skilling America Community Forum is a place where you'll find ways to engage with other Navigators just like you. The Forum is a central repository for education and workforce professionals across the nation to (1) share best practices, (2) seek peer input, and (3) generate new ideas and resources for career navigation and creating more efficient workforce systems.

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The four courses are self-paced and focus on the essential competencies required for workforce Navigators. Each course may take 2-6 hours to complete. Skilling America users will also receive access to tools and resources within the SA library, and may earn a certificate upon course completion. The certificate can even be shared and verified through LinkedIn!