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About The Skilling America Distinguished Fellows Network

The Skilling America Distinguished Fellows Network is a high caliber network of leaders in the workforce field dedicated to the development of a resilient, transparent system that supports economic opportunity for all individuals.

Distinguished Fellows are nominated based on their success in facilitating the adoption of competency-based methodologies and career navigation across multiple locations and industries. They serve as subject matter experts for the development of Skilling America curriculum and support program implementation in their communities.

The Network was established in 2018, and is managed by Hope Street Group with contributions from the Arconic Foundation. For more information about the Network and ways to collaborate with these workforce leaders, please contact us at (contact@skillingamerica.org).

The Skilling America Distinguished Fellows Network

Photo of Alicia Bolton

Alicia Bolton

Director, Adult Career Pathway Design Challenge, Institute for Educational Leadership

Photo of Lex Dennis

Lex Dennis

Director, Lifelong Learning, Drucker Institute

Photo of Donnie Hale

Donnie Hale

Director, The Education Effect, Florida International University

Photo of Courtney Haynes

Courtney Haynes

Director, Partnerships and Development, The Turing School

Photo of Marvin Kelley

Marvin Kelley

Senior Development and Training Specialist, Goodwill University, Goodwill Industries of Southern Piedmont

Photo of Leroy King

Leroy King

Director and Principal Consultant, The Bridges Out of Poverty Initiative, Goodwill Industries of Michiana, Inc.

Photo of Rebecca Kusner

Rebecca Kusner

Vice President of Workforce Solutions and Innovation, Thomas P. Miller and Associates

Photo of Eric Lewis

Eric Lewis

Director, Business Services, Charlotte Works

Photo of Gustavo Morales

Gustavo Morales

Director, Community Schools, Los Angeles Education Partnership (LAEP)

Photo of Ben Owens

Ben Owens

Strategist, Open Way Learning

Photo of Kristin R. Pratt

Kristin R. Pratt

Senior Director, Mission Advancement, Goodwill Industries International

Photo of Anna Ramos

Anna Ramos

Chief Operating Officer, Lancaster County Workforce Development Board

Photo of Shemia C. Williams

Shemia C. Williams

Director, Programs, Charlotte Works