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This self-paced e-learning community equips workforce, education, and HR professionals with the necessary competencies to build a resilient workforce system. Designed using a competency-based framework, Skilling America courses include Career Coaching, now live, and upcoming interactive modules on Partnership, Analysis, and Leadership. Upon completion of these courses, professionals will have the opportunity to apply their acquired competencies to a final assessment and earn a Skilling America certification.

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Career Coaching

6 Modules

In the Career Coaching Course, learners will practice establishing and sustaining productive career coaching relationships with clients, help their clients identify competencies aligned to their interest and learn how to utilize competency-based measurement tools while applying relevant and useful market data.

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Learners who complete this course will gain the necessary competencies to build effective relationships with a variety of stakeholders. Modules cover competencies related to facilitating meetings and productive relationships with a variety of stakeholders, and also communicating effectively with and about partners.

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Competencies acquired in this course include understanding and communicating the principles of competency-based hiring, how to use evidence based tools, identifying in-demand jobs in a given region and industry sector, analyzing data and use of software.

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Completing this course will provide learners with key leadership competencies including the motivation and support of others, exercising judgment and critical thinking skills to solve problems, convening diverse stakeholders to positively impact local workforce systems, and communicating effectively across organizations.

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