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Career Coaching

Empowering professionals with the methods and resources necessary to meet their clients' needs


This course is comprised of six interactive modules designed for the development of five key competencies. Throughout the course, individuals will have an opportunity to test their knowledge through short assessments and scenario-based questions.


Module 1 image
Module 1: Career Coaching Principles

This module focuses on establishing and maintaining a productive career coaching relationship.

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Module 2: Interpersonal Communication

This module focuses on the importance of demonstrating effective interpersonal communication skills in the career coaching relationship.

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Module 3: Client Goals

This module focuses on helping clients identify goals, skills, needs, and career interests using competency-based tools.

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Module 4: The Labor Market

This module focuses on the fourth competency: identifying employer needs, requirements and expectations using competency-based labor market information.

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Module 5: Applying for the Job

This module addresses the fifth competency: helping clients successfully navigate the job application and interview process. We’ll pay special attention to developing a resume and preparing for a job interview.

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Module 6: The End of Course Challenge

This module will give you an opportunity to apply the competencies you've developed in the previous five modules.