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Marvin Kelley joined Goodwill in 2013. He currently serves as a Senior Development and Training Specialist within Goodwill University, the training division of Goodwill Industries of the Southern Piedmont. In this role, he has been instrumental in the research, development and growth of their Information Technology training programs, which led to significant grants from Google.org and The Cognizant Foundation. Previously he served as a Business Relationship Representative for Goodwill and was responsible for building brand awareness of the organization's workforce services, including job training and placement services that result in increased employment and business enterprise opportunities for individuals with vocational barriers. Marvin's ability to build relationships with local employers has helped Goodwill University to conduct I.T. Employer Roundtables over the last two years, providing valuable insight into the needs of the I.T. industry. This data allows Goodwill University to develop in-demand programs, while striving to be the go-to destination for technology training and talent. Prior to joining Goodwill, Marvin worked at Dimensions International (Honeywell Technology Solutions), where he was responsible for reviewing and analyzing demographic and financial information for more than 600 organizations, such as World Vision, Save the Children Federation, Habitat for Humanity International, and others with multimillion-dollar budgets.