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Announcing Hope Street Group’s new CEO

Posted On: November 14, 2022


I’m happy to announce that David Ma has joined Hope Street Group as our new CEO. David comes from Facebook, where he was Head of Product for Jobs, a global job search platform focused on helping low-wage workers get jobs.

David and the team are committed to getting millions of Americans on the path to economic opportunity and success. David, with his business and technology experience, has the opportunity to take the work begun with our Teacher Fellows program, Sync our Signals, our Opportunity Networks and Skilling America to scale and impact.

Although any time is a good time to help Americans succeed, 2022 stands out. With inflation making decisions hard for many and efforts to manage it likely to cool our very hot job market and raise unemployment, pandemic supports being removed and political divisions making policy action difficult, many Americans will find themselves having to push up a steeper hill. 

But it’s also a time of fascinating opportunities: the pandemic has made remote work and training more possible than ever before, dollars will begin to flow soon from the bipartisan infrastructure bill, the CHIPS act and the Inflation Reduction Act, creating jobs and new training options, and even climate change brings us real potential for millions who will make the green transition in the US possible.

It’s easy to choose to worry, but instead we choose to hope – it’s right there in our name.

Welcome, David, we’re thrilled to have you.

-Allen Blue

Chair, HSG