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TalNet's Five Essential Leadership Competencies of an Effective Diversity and Inclusion Practitioner

Posted On: March 02, 2021


The latest guidebook by TalNet examines the essential competencies and duties of a Diversity and Inclusion (D&I) leader. The playbook highlights the knowledge and skills a D&I leader needs to initiate change and promote D&I in their organization. In this field guide, author and D&I leader, Whitney White, explores the five key competencies of a D&I leader including knowledge, leadership, communication, and other competencies.


D&I officers in the West Michigan region developed this resource in order to support D&I efforts in West Michigan, but the concepts of the guidebook are relevant to leaders and stakeholders in other organizations, communities, and regions. The guidebook provides an excellent roadmap for Navigators as they work to support and drive D&I efforts in their organizations and communities. Click here to access the guidebook.