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Teaming Up : Educators Enhance Teacher Prep

Posted On: April 04, 2017


In 2016, Hope Street Group’s National Teacher Fellows identified local, state and multistate opportunities for enhancing the teacher pipeline according to recommendations in their publication, On Deck: Preparing the Next Generation of Teachers, which revealed their national peer research findings on the topic of teacher preparation. Year 2 of their Fellowship was self-designed for personal action and strategic partnerships, and this impact report illustrates what can happen when #TeachersTeamUp to improve the system for future educators and their students.

Read Teaming Up: Educators Enhance Teacher Prep for inspiration on impacting:

  • Preservice curriculum and clinical training
  • Mentorship and induction
  • Institutional policy
  • Education advocacy


For this and supporting content such as Fellow-authored op-eds and an archived recording of our April 2017 panel discussion at the Center for American Progress, view our Teacher Prep page.