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Workforce Impact Network: Apprenticeship Intermediary Program

Posted On: October 13, 2021


Net. America's Workforce Impact Network (WIN) is an industry intermediary focused on developing apprenticeship programs and increasing the number of apprenticeship opportunities to drive the nation's success! We are excited to be collaborating with the WIN to work with stakeholders addressing talent and diversity gaps by utilizing apprenticeship models aimed at meeting the evolving needs of the workforce. 


Part of what makes the WIN unique is our commitment to a path for equitable access and representation in the fields of healthcare and energy. The objective of this program is to increase current and develop new Registered Apprenticeship Programs for career seekers with a focus on minority and underserved populations. During this National Hispanic Heritage Month, we are celebrating all Latino apprentices and want to share these additional WIN resources as a tool for all to learn more about these great opportunities to earn and learn.