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Angel Luis Roman

Director of Professional Development, NYC Department of Youth & Community Development
joined about 1 year ago.


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Posted in Strategies for Addressing Communication Challenges

Communication is a learning process from day to day.  It has taught me to be an active listener, despite the differences that I may share with the recipient of my message.  

Posted in Best Practices in Critical Thinking

The pandemic caused a shift in operations and reporting structures.  While the changes were necessary, there should have been inter-departmental meetings to ensure that managerial staff and direct reports contributed to the restructuring of units with clarity, accuracy, depth, and breadth.  Those discussions were not included and it resulted in internal tensions.  This Paul-Elder Model of Critical Thinking should be a standard for any organization making decisions that impact the quality and efficiency of our workplaces.  

Posted in Inspiring Leader Attributes

Dean of Continuing Education who was successful in engaging internal and external partners towards the infusion of additional funds for workforce development initiatives around job training and placement for people receiving government subsidies.  She also provided a space for people to feel safe in sharing their thoughts and concerns.