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Christina Petrossi

Director of Workforce Development Operations, Goodwill Industries of Houston
joined almost 4 years ago.


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Posted in Career Pathway Systems Challenges and Successes

The biggest challenge is working with individuals who have barriers to employment, see past those barriers long enough to commit fully to a year of follow up, engagement, training and development.

Posted in Use and Communication of Job Analysis in Regional Sector Strategies

As we expand our Career Academy with in-demand industry credentialing opportunities, job analysis can be best applied to align with our community needs and job vacancies. This would further help clarify the long term opportunity for career advancement by industry. 

Partnering with the local workforce board and UpSkill Houston, would help to communicate the message out to employers in our area.

Posted in Job Analysis

These tools could support the individual development planning for our workforce members and training pipelines to better align with individual skills, strengths and industry needs.

Posted in Data Experts

UpSkill Houston is a critical partner in the regional analysis of our workforce development trends.