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Jacob Riley

Career Navigator, Goodwill Industries of Arkansas
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Posted in Career Pathway Systems Challenges and Successes

Since I just started as a career navigator I find that I have not yet had issues aligning a correct positive career pathway for a client to connect and match a job position in a field of desire. Being able to show clients how the effort they put in can change their future is important. - exp: Client has no education get level 1 job in career pathway if they work hard and get a degree they could possibly move up 2 to 3 levels. It is all about connecting promising career minded employers and companies with employees that match and are capable of doing said job. 

Posted in Strategies for Addressing Communication Challenges

I believe in all situations that involve communication the best most effective way to communicate is to listen so you can learn and make a educated thought out response to show empathy to whomever you happen to be communicating with at a certain time. I have had many times in the work place that I felt I was making a valid point only to feel ignored by peer employees in the same meeting. Non-Verbal communication is essential as well. When Peer employees did not look at me no eye contact, had arms crossed and bored uncaring looks on their faces I felt no one cared about the points in the discussion I was trying to make. I would make sure peers know that to listen, think and respond is the best way to communicate to and with others.