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Janelle Williams-Como

Employment & Training Counselor/Business Services Rep, Yates County Workforce Development
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Posted in Career Pathway Systems Challenges and Successes

It's been challenging to find accessible training in our rural area, and some of the most desired training providers that are local are charging a lot of money for training (CDL). 
Successes- partnering with HR staff to promote people as they are finishing up their programs to get them in front of employers with related positions.

Posted in Strategies for Addressing Communication Challenges

In my current role, I'm required to work collaboratively with other departments. I have to keep in mind that they do not know the ins and outs of my processes like I do, so I always approach interacting with an attitude of seeking to understand. 

Posted in Strategies for Facilitating Difficult Meeting Conversations

Sending agenda ahead of time gives a resource to refer to if things go off topic. Giving each person time to discuss their opinions is important, but you have to have the skill to transition back to the topics of the meeting without anyone feeling left out or not heard. Empathy is a great skill in these situations. 

Posted in Inspiring Leader Attributes

This leader was able to meet individually with internal stakeholders and address their issues for nursing recruitment in a non-profit healthcare environment. Their high energy and ability to understand the issues each area was facing (Long Term Care vs. Acute Care vs. Physician Practices) and the top selling points for recruitment led them to be able to reduce animosity between parties and get everyone on the same page with selling the organization as a good place to work. 

Posted in Expanding Your Leadership Skills

My tip for creating continuous growth is to always be learning, and approach each person and situation with an open mind, using empathy to view situations from different points of view.