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Jeanette O'Neil

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Posted in Use and Communication of Job Analysis in Regional Sector Strategies

Based on this module (Module 4), where could job analysis be most effectively applied in your region?
How would you communicate the benefits of job analysis reports and labor market information, or LMI, to the key stakeholders involved?

We use job analysis to determine where the greatest return on investment will be for our grant funding. We communicate with our stakeholders through data visualizations and labor statistics.

Posted in Job Analysis

Job analysis reports would be great for matching customers with jobs that fit their skill set but might no be the traditional industry in which they have worked. Dislocated Workers come to mind in particular.

Posted in Data Experts

NYSDOL, Emsi, Columbia County EDC, Greene County IDA, Greene County Economic Development

Posted in Best Practices in Critical Thinking

Think of a situation in which you utilized some aspect of critical thinking. Briefly describe the situation and what element of critical thinking you used. Staying focused on critical thinking, what could you have done better?

I use critical thinking everyday when I interact with my customers. It is an important tool for understating how best to help them.