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John Madden

Goodwill industries of CSRA and Middle Georgia
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Posted in Strategies for Addressing Communication Challenges

I failed to simply listen to a coworker on an issue and instead tried to interject a similar issue I had experienced.  I feel I should have just listened to the person.  I should have reaffirmed that I was listening.

Posted in Best Practices in Critical Thinking

I utilize critical thinking when trying to support job seekers who are trying to find a career path that is positive and accessible for them.  I can improve by listening to those job seekers paths and analyzing what they really want and not presuming what I think is the best path for them.

Posted in Strategies for Facilitating Difficult Meeting Conversations

I feel setting expectations of the meeting allows members to prepare for the meeting and involve themselves in the discussion.  The concept of listening also is a subject I can improve on.  I've noticed I tried to connect by offering my own experience and that seems to translate into hijacking others ideas and feelings.

Posted in Inspiring Leader Attributes

They were successful due to key variables such as productive communication, positive reinforcement, and possessing patience.  When interacting with fellow employees, they embraced those qualities on a regular basis.

Posted in Expanding Your Leadership Skills

Be honest with myself when analyzing my strengths and find ways to improve on them.  This requires me to not focus on the immediate needs and self-interests I have and truly look at what would make me a better leader.