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A big challenge with some people are getting them to become self-motivated. Some have been beat up so bad with disappointment after disappointment and at the same time, having the lack of motivators in their daily circle to get them out of their current state-of-mind. In the work world, we have to show clients that although there is a beginning and end in the career pathway, there will be bumps, detours and change along the way. We have to show them and get them to interact and develop strategies that are comprised with long-term and short-term goals with options A & B, and sometimes C that help maneuver around or through each phase along the way to a successful career.

As it is true, that most will exhibit "joy" when they are gainfully employed, other tools have to be in place in their mindset (budgeting, saving, retirement building, emergency planning, etc.).

Posted in Career Pathway Systems Challenges and Successes

Daily challenges we are faced with is finding individuals that are self-motivated to really seek and hold gainful employment. Job skills, communication skills (written & oral) are a barrier for a good number of individuals that need continuous employment. We offer free job readiness workshops that offer individuals the tools needed to be successful in getting and keeping jobs.  We are exploring avenues to get more participation in these workshops.