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Linda McKinzie-Daugherty

, Westchester Workforce Board
joined about 2 years ago.


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Posted in Career Pathway Systems Challenges and Successes

My Career Center seems to have customers who are all at a certain level (early/beginner) level of a particular Career Pathway. Additionally, our customers seem to quickly achieve a basic level of satisfaction or they continue their development without our assistance.  The barrier probably relates to income guidelines. Therefore, I don't really get to see the true progression along any particular pathway. I yearn to see and or work with customers who are engaged in a steady progression. 

Posted in Inspiring Leader Attributes

Robert Kennedy, because he had the ability to communicate and move people in significant ways.

Posted in Inspiring Leader Attributes

Robert Kennedy easily comes to mind in his role as a key advisor to his brother the President; as the Attorney General; as a Senator and Presidential Candidate. There is historical controversy about his methodology and communication in his various roles. However, he was effective in going to locations and speaking with diverse stakeholders and eliciting a overwhelming response of "he understands..."   I wish I had that ability and skill. 

Posted in Strategies for Addressing Communication Challenges

I face communication challenges daily due to the nature of my work and my role within the organization. While acknowledging how individual perceptions play a role in all communication challenges, I continue to strive towards improvement. I want to known as a strong leader and effective communication is one of the most important tools. I know for sure that I need to improve and am committed to working on this area. I like the strategies shared by Mike Daniels and plan to implement them in my work.

Posted in Expanding Your Leadership Skills

I am a natural leader and have always been acknowledged for my influence with people. However, I am examining and reassessing if my leadership skills require improvement. I am a collaborative leader and use communication and  the sharing of information to develop and affirm concepts and ideas that have benefit to the one and the common goal. I am presently experiencing challenges with a Direct Report. However, I view those challenges as opportunities for individual growth and improvement.