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Posted in Best Practices in Critical Thinking

When Covid -19 hit we had to come up with ways of remotely serving our clients. We worked from home and utililized a team approach with 1 person in charge of distributing clients. It worked, and it was a team effort.

Posted in Inspiring Leader Attributes

A leader that comes to mind when I think about this is a Director I worked with in human resources.  She took the time to listen and brainstorm ideas, identifying problems and find solutions.   She always took every aspect of a situation into consideration and it was team oriented environment without blame.  It was solutions based and the department ran smoothly and all her employees enjoyed working with her.  She is an inspiration  and if given the opportunity the kind of boss I would like to be. 

Posted in Using Data to Determine Regional Talent Demand

I would investigate on jobzone and different career recruitment websites.  I may also contact our local labor market analyst to get information that she already has in her statistics for our region.