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I use Onetonline and DOL website careeronestop.org to assist job seekers to become an effective job seeker or to assist them in a career path. 

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When facilitating OMJ Trumbull’s Career Exploration and Labor Market workshop I have found the biggest challenge is explaining to the clients the importance of matching their skills and interest to a career path they can perform and enjoy.

The ones that succeed are those that are willing to do the assessments, look at the demand, and have the patience to complete the process.

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Using Data to Determine Regional Talent Demand


I would reach out to the community stakeholders to clarify what and why this data is important and what is the purpose for this data.


Get each stakeholder to share their resources for this data. Since I worked with Ohio Workforce, I used different sites to collect my data some are listed below.

Recruiters & Employers Toolbox Post jobs. Search resumes. Find federal, state, & local employment services for employers.

Get Workforce Data, Workforce Supply

  • Identify the number of skilled workers available in key occupations on an annual basis.
  • Understand relative earnings and specific contact information for educational programs that train individuals.
Employment Projections

  • Data visualization graphing job growth by wages.
  • Table of information about each occupation that can be sorted by any variable.
  • Data is presented statewide or by JobsOhio Region and can be presented by industry. 
Check the process


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Challenging communication usually occurs when explain WIOA and Department of Labor funding requirements for training. Most are given the wrong perception of WIOA and it being the same as tuition assistance. 

Most of the time when the individual actively listen you can get them to understand. Sometimes the individual knows more about the program then you and on those occasions, it is difficult to communicate facts. Sometimes you just must let them go through the process. 


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Trumbull County had the privilege of being working with DRC and Workforce for the creation of OMJ Center inside the Ohio’s prison system.

As a committee we used a lot of Paul-Elder’s Model on the elements of reasoning. Our first step was to define the purpose for the re-entry OMJ Center. Gathering Information on the problem ex-felon faces once release and the issues and the barriers preventing employment. Checking Assumptions was a challenge since there was no data available. The Committee  looked at the point of view of employers, offenders, community stigma, and family to better understand and any problems inmate may face upon release.

What maybe could have been done better was to investigate the different state laws governing ex-felons and added that to the equations