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Posted in Strategies for Addressing Communication Challenges

I like to communicate, and it comes easily to me as does sharing information. It has been an effort and consistent work to be less concerned about what i say and more concerned about listening to others. The power dynamics are also an interesting factor. When I joined this team as a consultant, I was anxious to "prove" my contribution - I could have gone more slowly, assessed the team dynamics and power structure. We had a few instances where partners were put off, so we had to dialogue, and I had to slow down and listen. It wasn't resolved immediately after our 1-1 discussion, however over time we came to understand each other and honor the other's contribution to the workings of the team and our joint discussions.

Posted in Best Practices in Critical Thinking

What Perry said above is what I was getting at. "Are we asking the right question?" "Have we asked the people having the problem?" Do we know what problem we are solving for?

Posted in Best Practices in Critical Thinking

I find that checking assumptions is an essential element in critical thinking and problem solving. It is easy to jump to a solution based on those assumptions. So asking questions, getting clarity, understanding points of view, etc influence how the problem is solved.

Posted in Inspiring Leader Attributes

The leader I have in mind not only knows his business but is inspired to help others create the "first two rungs" of an employment ladder. Those rungs that are often created by higher education but he feels can be created by him as an employer leader with the help of workforce partners. We have to help create that and not assume everyone can follow the same path. 

Posted in Use and Communication of Job Analysis in Regional Sector Strategies

Job analysis could be very helpful in our ERIE21 lock4 cybersecurity program. Since "entry level" positions in this field are elusive, we would be identifying competencies needed for each position, assessing transferrable skills our students have, and whether they should pursue education or apply for these positions. It would also help inform our curriculum to ensure that the outcomes are what is needed for successful job placement.