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Maxine Jackson

Career Coach, Goodwill Easter Seals of the Gulf Coast, Inc.
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Think of a time when you were faced with a communication challenge. What happened? How did you handle it? How was the issue resolved, or was it resolved at all? Would you have handled it differently in hindsight? What advice might you give a peer facing a similar challenge?

One of my communication challenge was my first time having to speak to our GED Class on Career Pathway.  I had some critical thinking; my purpose, information on career pathway, concept and questions and answers.  It went well, better than I expected. 

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my company's CEO.  He is all about the mission and vision of the organization.  He is humble and passionate about helping people in our community.
1.  He organized a Campus Tour, H2O which means Hope To Opportunity
2.  Success Stories
3.   Negative and Positive outcomes through data
4.   Feedbacks from our Community and Participants through surveys

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Alabama Career Center,  Employment Services and Alabama Personnel Board