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Based on this module (Module 4), where could job analysis be most effectively applied in your region?
How would you communicate the benefits of job analysis reports and labor market information, or LMI, to the key stakeholders involved?

Based on this Module 4, job analysis can be most effectively applied in the public education system in my region. Beginning with career coaching as early as grade 3-12, when children's 'imagination of being' begin to translate into actual career interests. The use of O*Net outlines the labor market industry and many of the possible job/career interests provided through job analyses, The Service Learning Initiatives offered through the public school systems, enhances the job-related knowledge, skills and abilities that will enhance the students' willful determination towards  lifelong career endeavors.

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These can create stronger collaborative partnerships based on data.
Yes, the job analysis process also creates distinct labor market information to serve all populations. All of which are determined by the job families. According to O*Net, inclusive of jobs for underrepresented populations, and or the positions requiring individuals to have undergraduate or graduate degrees  

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How might you use data to investigate talent needs in your region?

Since, I am working with grades 6-8, the underemployed population, I would facilitate the the iterative process, which can happen over months and even years to track students' career interests utilizing O*Net as a resource through school, into college, and finally the career of their choice.

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Rachel. this is an astute observation of the Leader's intention to empower the stakeholders in the decision-making process. It does have a determining factor as to how the outcomes are favored for the constituents (local/regional) involved in the decision-making process.

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