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Sarah Horton

Director, COLUMBUS, GA Goodwill Industries of The Southern Rivers, Inc.
joined almost 5 years ago.


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Posted in Career Pathway Systems Challenges and Successes

The biggest challenge has been finding and keeping the same partners to continue with forward momentum. The successes have been when clients do the work and continue along the planned path, no matter how long it might take. COVID is a good example of everyone in the initiative having to think differently about service delivery.

Posted in Strategies for Addressing Communication Challenges

Communication through email with an individual that misread everything constantly. It came apparent that email was not the way to communicate and we switched to verbal only. If he emailed I would respond with a phone call. This helped avoid any confusion.

Posted in Best Practices in Critical Thinking

Definitely COVID closing and reopening plans working with several levels of management. Time constraints and unknowns made this even more challenging.

Posted in Inspiring Leader Attributes

The leader was successful at bringing together community partners by sharing data driven information, sharing a passion for the work and the community, and providing the WIFM.