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Teresa Hirani

Community Navigator, Baker Ripley
joined almost 2 years ago.
Teresa Hirani, MSW, is the Lead Community Navigator at Baker Ripley. I'm dedicated and knowledgeable social worker with diverse case management platforms for adults, children, and families. I bring over ten years of experience in skills assessments and treatment plans. I have spent my professional care working with children in the county jail, State prisons, schools, and homes. Teaching Social Skills, Anger Replacement Therapy, Seeking Safety for the families to try and help bring back some normalcy in these children’s lives. In 2011, I felt the need to do more after working with the Harris County Juvenile Probation Department, seeing how the system was hurting our youth by not providing any services for the youth with mental health Issues that repeatedly would come into their care. I went back to school and earned my Master of Social Work Degree from the University of Houston. Career Statement Two biggest strengths are: (1) the ability to listen to and understand the problems and needs of the people who I'm providing services for. (2) the ability to assess, recommend and develop the right plan that will improve the quality of their lives.


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Situation: Increase the number of pre-K to attend full program. Stakeholders included School board, Mayor, United Way, Early Childhood Providers, teachers and the parents.  Why: Vision, Data on how many jobs it will create, how many families will be able to assist, How it can hep the community thrive